Elections!! Sisi the Savior

By Aleya of Cairo

May 28, 2014

Hi Everyone,

So Egypt had elections for the new president  for the last 3 days and tomorrow will be the 4th day.  They were only supposed to have elections for 2 days but as far as I know,  extended the polling because it was really hot one day and they say many people stayed home.  The Metro (subway) was free for the last few days to help people get to their polling stations.

In my opinion, and from what I have seen and the people I have spoken to, many people are voting for Sisi. He is seen as the savior of the people and many revolutionaries are upset because they feel he comes from the same camp as Mubarak, so they don’t feel anything will change.  They didn’t want Morsi but they also don’t want Sisi because it’s the same regime and same mentality they were trying to fight.

To be honest though, most people are so tired and want to get on with their lives and are hoping Sisi will be a light at the end of the tunnel.  I really hope change comes to Egypt and that it turns around.

Ramy told me to stay home for the last few days not really feeling comfortable that things would be calm.  They have been totally calm and I was pleasantly surprised and elated about that.  I feel like Egypt is finally turning a corner and the opposition (MB) understand that they are not going to get Morsi back in the chair.

I also had to dance at Nile Pharoah’s two days ago which is a cruising restaurant on the Nile.  I was surprised that people came out. The boat was only ½ full (they have two dining decks) but there were customers and I had a great show.  It was so nice to go to the top deck after the show and relax and have tea. The summer nights have always been my favorite time of year and the Nile is absolutely stunning at night. I felt like Egypt is entering a new realm and even in the last few days I have had many people contact me on Facebook,  telling me they are coming soon and asking the usual questions.

I hope that all of the tourists come back to Cairo.  It’s a beautiful city, rich in culture and history, and you will love it.  It’s safer now than it has been in the last three years in my opinion.  The pyramids are grand and amazing (and unbelievably beautiful)  and Cairo has some amazing hotels, Luxor, Aswan and the Red Sea resorts are stunning and magnificent.

The song you will hear everywhere you go right now in Cairo (in every car, taxi, house and on the cell phone ring tones) is Hussain Al Jasmi’s song.  It’s a great song about good times are coming back to Egypt.  Here is a link. Enjoy!! , I Hope to see you in Cairo soon!

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