Freaking out on the Nile Maxim Boat Cairo, Egypt

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March 22, 2014

Freaking out on the Nile Maxim Boat Cairo, Egypt

A few days ago Randa Kamel called me to cover her at Nile Maxim Boat.  Although I sometimes work with a band if I get called to cover for other people, usually I know the band and have worked with them before, but I don’t remember the last time I worked with Randa’s band and I was terrified.  I also know that she has her own music which she dances to and I probably have never danced to it.  So it took me the whole day to prepare because I also had to change costumes 3 times and I wanted to wear a new costume of mine that I had to make minor alterations to.  Then I had to do my nails, fix my wig (which I wear because I sweat so much my hair looks so bad after I dance) and I also had to practice for a few hours so I wouldn’t feel totally lost during my show.

By the time I left to the boat I was full of nerves.  Lol I arrived at 7pm but my show didn’t start till 8:45 so I used the time to keep preparing my costume I was sewing.  I thought the adjustments were going to be minor but they ended up being major, and I finished about 15 minutes before I had to go to stage.  I then touched up my makeup and hair and changed for my first set.  I decided to dance to Set El Hosen since all bands know that song and Gana El Hawa and another piece, then change and come out and do a saidi cocktail and another few songs and take pictures with the audience, change again and come back and do Aghibny Kulak and taqsim and drum solo.

I don’t feel I did so well with Set el Hosen, but the rest I just kind of winged and I think it was ok. I wasn’t spectacular hehe but it was a good show and I had so much fun.  I was super exhausted after the show though, maybe because I practiced for a few hours and was full of nerves, but I was happy.  As soon as I got home and finally felt relaxed they called me again!  They asked me if I was available for the next day and I said sure.  I didn’t call Randa and tell her how it went because my brain was numb but in retrospect I should have because the next day I showed up and at about 7:15pm (we sail at 7:30) the band still was not on the boat.  The tanourra guy asked me “where is the band?” I said I didn’t know, so I call Randa and she says to me “Aleya!! You were SUPPOSED to call me” lool omg what a drama.  And to top it off I didn’t have a CD in my purse! I had one the day before but I thought to take it out because I didn’t want it to break.  What a mess, and to top that off the DJ said he didn’t have any music. Loool How??? Haha.

Randa says to me “ok Aleya do you have Whatsapp?” and I do but I’m so not tech savvy and my connection often is not so great.  So she said she would send music to the tanourra guy.  Ok great we have that solved.  The first song comes through and he plays it for me and I have NEVER EVER heard it before.  Ha! Omg and he says “No problem Aleya just dance” and Randa says “this is Ahmed Adaweya why don’t you know this song?” haha but I seriously had never heard it before.  I could have danced to it, but I would totally miss the accents.  Then she sends MORE music that I never heard of. By this time I am really nervous and think my show is going to really suck and I’m horrified. So I call my manager and ask if he can bring my show CD to me and he says he is too far away.  Oh boy what to do?

Five minutes later my manager calls back and says “you know Aleya I was at the Nile Maxim in December and I have a CD that I left with all of your music because the manager liked it” So I call her to find out if she has it, and she says yes but the boat has already left the dock!! Haha OMG!  So I ask can you send it on the launch?  (a small fast boat) and she says ok.  So they STOP our boat from moving and finally we get the CD  Wow! The show ended up also being just ok because the megeance is the old one I usually dance to, not my newest one that I usually dance with.  But it was fine, no one really could tell but of course I felt off.  Anyways, the moral of the story is always be prepared. Have a CD and a back up CD, have music on your phone, and a flash with your music on it.  I really enjoyed dancing on the Nile Maxim though, I always do.  It’s such a beautiful boat and nice stage and I was so honored that Randa called me to cover for her. It doesn’t get much better than that. :)



  1. Sahara - April 15, 2014 4:42 pm

    Great advice! We love to learn the hard way! lol

    • admin - April 22, 2014 10:33 pm

      haha yes we do Sahara! :)

    • admin - April 23, 2014 1:43 pm

      Yes Sahara. Always! hehe


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