Giving and Receiving

The "gang" at Rawdet el Abrar orphanage, Cairo, Egypt

By Aleya of Cairo

May 19, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all having a fantastic day.  I wanted to share with you something special that is very close to my heart.  About a year and a half ago, I hired a coach to help me get my business sorted and my life on track. Part of my coaching is that we must donate 10% of all of our income.  This is so you can receive your blessings also, because life is just a transfer of energies.  Well,  sometimes we feel like we can’t let that money go, but I guarantee it comes back to you.  If I feel like I’m not making money I go make a donation.  It’s not because it gives me money, but it gives me an incredible feeling to give and to keep on doing what I do and the energy to continue.  But it also acts as a catalyst for giving and receiving.

I wanted my money to be put to good use.  I didn’t want to send in a donation to a big corporation that might not get to some people.  So I thought and thought about how I could do this and I remembered my friend lived in a building that had an orphanage on the first floor.  So one day I popped in and that was the start of our relationship.  During Christmas we bought all of the 13 boys who live there toys, and toothbrushes and gave them a little pizza party. I asked for donations on FB and in 3-4 days I think I collected about $1,000. It was so fantastic and they were so happy.

In April they had National Orphans Day in Egypt and this is a big day for all the orphans of Egypt.  So we also wanted to do something special and I wanted to buy them all clothes and shoes. Again, my FB friends donated and we collected about $700 which was perfect. They all got a few t-shirts, some jeans, underwear and shoes and socks.   I know how to shop! hehe I found some great stores and downtown I found a treasure of a place to shop for very good quality and inexpensive clothing.  I went to make my monthly donation last week and they told me that they wanted to remodel the home.  It really needs paint and they have mold.  I took a ton of pictures and they are all on FB.  I told them that I would help them to get the funds they need to paint the home by asking my friends again.  I made a campaign on “Gofundme” to raise the money and I’m sharing it here with you.  The kids are so cute.  Watch the vid and you will see.  Two of them don’t know their age but they said “I have lived a LONG time” hehe They are only about 10-12 years old.

Thank you so much for reading and if you can donate any small amount adds up.  Help change the lives of some kids by giving them more quality of life.  As long as I am living in Egypt I will be working with them. It is an amazing feeling to be able to make the lives of a few people better and hopefully when they grow up they will do the same.  Isn’t that what life is all about?  Thank you in advance for your support! :)


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