How to Make Your Belly dance costume Fit, How to sew

July 9, 2014

By: Aleya of Cairo

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Recently I have made videos about how to fix your costume to your body.  I wanted to share those videos with you because I think it’s so valuable to be able to fix something yourself, to your measurements.  You no longer have to go out to a tailor, wait a week for it to be ready, spend lots of money and then have your costume.

The other reason I decided to make these videos was because, since I sell custom made costumes, and most of the time you have to make minor adjustments, some people just don’t understand that it takes a lot more than letting out a seam to ruin a costume.  I had a customer that received her costume and it didn’t fit her in the upper hip. She said it was 4 inches too small and I couldn’t understand because I had stretched it to maximum stretch and I remembered it was ok.  I thought it might be a little tight but it was going to work.  When she got the costume she put it on, and because there was a lot of elastic in it, it didn’t fit her properly. So she said she was so upset, she spent all this money and the costume doesn’t fit.  I remembered the elastic was tight, so I said “ok just cut the elastic from the side by releasing the stitches and it should fit you” She was not convinced, but she did it and then the costume fit perfectly and it became her favorite costume! Lool she was under the impression if she cut the elastic out all the beads would fall off.  So no, all the beads don’t fall off if you release some stitches. Sewing is actually quite simple, and costumes go up and down for about six sizes depending how much elastic you put in.

Bras also go up and down in size depending on how much padding there is. So a B cup can fit in C cup and sometimes D cup just depending on how much padding you put.

Most costume alterations can be done easily and the more you do them, the easier and quicker it becomes.  It does take practice just like anything.  I have made a few videos for the basics like “How to add elastic”, “How to pad your bra “ , and “How to put hooks and eyes on your costume”.

One last thing I want to mention is never, ever ever fix your costumes with glue! This is another reason that I made these videos.  I heard a story about a girl who took her costume to an actual tailor and the tailor used glue, to glue back the back bra strap, instead of just adding hooks and eyes to make the underbust fit! Lool I couldn’t believe it.  And the costume was pretty much ruined after that apparently.

So watch the videos.  I hope you enjoy them and if you have any questions let me know. Send me an email at and my youtube channel is “Aleya Cairo Bellydance” so come on over and subscribe and you will find a wealth of information.  To see all of my videos just click on the channel name and all of the videos will come up that I have on my channel. I have over 140 videos, from dancing, to music, to street scenes, shopping in Cairo and now sewing.  Hope you enjoy it. ;)

Happy sewing!!  J

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