Power is out in Cairo? Now what?

My LED lamp that is literally a life, saver.

April 9, 2014  (Posted May 13, 2014)

By Aleya of Cairo


Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all doing great today.  I’m writing these posts as I sit here during the power outages in Cairo.  So I will date them, but when I post it may not correspond to the date. Hehe The power outages are crazy making.  Yesterday we had 3 in two hours! Usually when the power goes out, its lasts for about one hour, but sometimes it can go out 4 times in the day.  Makes it difficult to work, plan your meals, do your things.  It’s especially bad when I have to dance.  I forgot two days ago about the power going out and then I remembered and I had just showered and had to rush to blow dry my hair, and curl it and curl my wig.  I did my hair just in time, which was great because I don’t think there would be anything worse than going to dance with wet, unstyled hair when you are trying to perform!  When I started on the wig the power cut at 6:40 pm which meant it would be out till 7:40 pm and I had to leave by 7:30 pm.  Not good!  So I have to remind myself always to be prepared to leave about 1.5 hours ahead of when I need to go dance.  Or at least I have to have done my hair.  It can be super frustrating and worrisome when you have an appointment to be at and you have to think about the power going out.  Grrr…..

So I got myself set up for when the power goes out. I bought a usb stick for my computer, and I bought 4 big LED lights which you plug into the wall. When the lights go out, they turn on automatically.  It’s perfect because two weeks ago the power went out, and as I was walking through the hall to go get the candles in the living room I tripped over my 80 pound dog.  He’s a black Labrador (Kino) and I didn’t see him, and he is so goofy that he just stood there while I walked into him.  I literally fell head first over him, curled my body forward and fell in the door frame of the bathroom.  I hit the back of my head and got a big bump right where my neck and head meet so you can imagine how I fell over, and after I hit my head I landed on my face on the tile floor!  OMG it was horrible.  I laid there for 5 minutes thinking I might die, and all this time, Kino is just pacing around me.  Haha! I half expected him to start barking, trying to notify someone that his beloved owner was hurt and dying.  But he didn’t.  lol he just went to lay down, it was then that I realized I would be a gonner if something really had happened to me and I couldn’t move.  That was quite a shocking experience and  I slowly stood up from the floor and feared that I was not ok, so I went to lie down on my bed.  When Ramy came home I half jokingly said, “You and your dog need to move out”. He was so mad at me I think he didn’t talk to me for two days! Hehe   But I was also really upset, I felt like I really could have hurt myself this time and killed myself! Lool

Well the power outages come and go, but I will tell you one thing. It is sooo unpleasant and I know it will be especially horrible in the summer.  I am not looking forward to it.  If you happen to come during the summer, and if you are downtown you will see vendors selling some LED lamps for about 35 pounds.  You plug these in and when the power goes out the lamps come on.  They are life savers.  I bought three big ones and 1 small one.  They are fantastic to have and I will never fall over Kino or the cats again. J

These are the things we have to deal with in Cairo when living here.  Wish us luck!

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