Sisi the New President of Egypt

June 5, 2014

By Aleya of Cairo


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Yesterday Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was inaugurated as the new president of Egypt.   The ballot box was open for 4 days last week,  and he garnered an astounding 96% of the  votes.  Everyone was wondering if Cairo was going to be quiet during the voting process, or if there were going to be bombs and drama.  I’m happy to say that all was quiet and I even worked at Nile Pharon on the day they announced that he won the election.

Sisi is the second democratically elected president of Egypt after Mohamed Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood, who lasted about a year in office before he was ousted by the people of Egypt.

I am fascinated by all that has happened in the last 3 years.  Basically, Egpyt’s economy is in dire conditions and tourism still hasn’t rebounded.  I hope that all of that will change now that Sisi is president.

For many, it was bittersweet because he is basically considered part of the “old regime”, and many people think that it will still be more of the same.  Same regime, same results.

I do feel that Cairo has changed considerably in the last year.  I feel like people are more free, and I even see it changing in the way women dress.  Many foreigners who I have met in Cairo recently have also said it feels so different here, since last year.  They feel safer and they also feel that people have a sense of hope and freedom.

In other news, Bashar al-Assad also won the elections in Syria to remain president.  It’s kind of ironic because Syria is now completely destroyed, also to have “more of the same”.

In any case, I have hope both for Egypt and Syria that things will change for the better.  They may not change as much as people want but at least , I hope the leaders realize that people will no longer tolerate the way things were and God willing they will make new changes to keep the countries moving forward and prosperous.

I’m going to post the link for the most popular song in Egypt right now by Hussain al Jasmi called Bushraet Kheir. Basically, every where you go in Cairo you will hear this song. In taxi cabs, micro buses, buses,  in peoples cars, in cafes, on music channels.  The video is awesome and what the song is saying is encouraging Egyptians to vote and that good times are coming for Egypt. Inshallah!!

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