The “Evil Eye”

July 15, 2014

By Aleya of Cairo

Hi Everybody!

How are you doing today?I’m getting a better.  Yesterday I woke up and just moved in my bed and threw my back out! lool OMG what a drama.  I was planning to get a bunch of work done and had a big day scheduled and workout and I was excited for the day ahead and ended up having to chill out.

So check this out.  I was talking to my friend the day before about her issues.  She is also a dancer and told me that she had blown her knee out and had to have surgery.  I immediately thought “wow, I haven’t hurt my back in a long time and I feel really great because I am working out everyday with weights” and bam!  The next morning I was immobile. I gave MYSELF evil eye! haha

Evil eye is a widely known superstition in Egypt and most people really believe in it.  You have to be careful what you say because if you compliment someone for example about their feet and they hurt their foot the next day, they will think you gave them evil eye.  Or if they got a new car and you said “Oh wow! Nice car congrats!” and they get into an accident, they will blame it on you.  If anything bad happens to you, Egyptians will always say “someone is giving you evil eye”.

So what do you do if you want to say to someone ” I love your new haircut”? Well you have to say ma’shallah after you give them any kind of compliment.  Or if someone hands you their child and you think they child is big/heavy you can say “oh he/she is so big ma’shallah”.  If you don’t say ma’shallah they think you are going to give evil eye to them.  (Ma’shallah means God bless you).

Which brings me to today’s post.  There are many things that are culturally different from Egyptians than what we think or believe in the West.  I made a video of a few points you should know culturally about Egyptians.  All of these things took me some time to learn and I wish that someone had told me before I came to Cairo.

I hope you like the video and please comment on the video on Youtube or here on the blog if you like the article or have any questions or comments.  Have an awesome day! And remember to think  good thoughts so you can have good things happen in your life.  :)  Ma’shallah!


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