Weddings in Cairo!! Fuuuuunnn!


June 17, 2014

by Aleya of Cairo

Hi Everyone,

I was going to blog about something else today but this is really a part of Egypt few get to experience and I wish you all could.

I went to a wedding tonight in Imbaba at a wedding hall. It was just the party, and I was told to arrive at 8pm although I was skeptical so I left my house at 8pm and arrived at 8:45 pm. I was hoping we weren’t late and when we arrived the hall was empty! loool  (true to Egyptian form where nothing starts on time EVER! )

I was starving because usually I have dinner about 8-9pm but since I had to prepare for the wedding I didn’t have time to eat.  So I told Doaa (my assistant who came to take photos of the wedding) that I wanted to find something to eat.  The road the hall was on was kind of like a highway, so we went walking.  I was dressed in jeans, and heels and a nice shirt but thank God I had my cover up because I don’t think if we were walking on a highway in this area it would have been nice to have the shirt that I wore without a cover up. It was sleeveless and purple with satin trim and a plunging round neckline.  And the heels in the dirt just wasn’t working for me! haha So we saw some tuk tuk’s and I told her that I think there is a local area close by so let’s take a tuk tuk. So we got in one and went to the main road where all the action was and found a place to have koshary.  Koshary is a traditional Egyptian dish with pasta, rice, lentils, fried onions, garbanzo beans and red sauce (like salsa) and hot sauce and a lemon juice mixture.  I’m sure we were totally out of place dressed as we were, but we were hungry and everyone was polite. There were mostly men at the koshary place and young boys having dinner.  It was good and I loved it.  We also had salad and fried pita chips and drinks.  I paid 16 le (about $2.40 usd ) for the whole dinner.

We finished dinner, and it was one hour later and most people still had not showed up.  Finally about 10:45 pm the bride and groom came.  (lool thank God I didn’t show up at 8pm!)

The wedding started with them entering with two lit torches and a procession where they walked down the aisle to the main chair on the stage, where they would sit for the evening.

Dancing ensued and pics and the zagareet to congratulate the bride and groom.  I mostly took vid for the first part of the wedding and it was fun! Then they asked me to dance.  So I danced one song with the bride and groom and others and we had a great time.  I stopped dancing and resumed taking vid.  I have so much great vid of all the people dancing.

After about 20 minutes another girl told me I have to dance.  I said no, but she insisted.  So I starting dancing again and I danced till the end of the wedding.  I was sweating like I was in a performance.  hehe Shabbi music is so fast and you really have to put a lot of energy into dancing but we all had a great time.

They served cake, and had a green drink to substitute as wine to toast the bride and groom.  (was probably soda).

We had a great time, and I highly recommend going to a wedding if you ever visit Egypt. Everyone dances from young to old, (3-80 years and covered and uncovered . Its great fun and if you love to dance, you will have even MORE fun.

I will post vids in a few days about the wedding.  :) Enjoy!

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